This implementation example is thought to give an idea of how to realize a shader-based approach for screen space ambient occlusion. Additionally it might give a a basic introduction to  [ Read More ]

The approach presented here has been developed by the author for the diploma thesis in 2009 and has further been published as full paper at the WSCG conference in Feb.  [ Read More ]

Complex calculations often require more than one single rendering process. Therefore the rendering pipeline is passed multiple times. This is usually done in a serial order, where every render pass  [ Read More ]

Offscreen Rendering represents a rendering process which ignores the standard visible frame buffer and stores rendered data in an alternative buffer not being displayed after rendering. This buffer is called  [ Read More ]

Some graphical operations require computations to be done on every pixel on the image plane. Any post processing steps and image filter operations in particular are typical examples. Therefor a  [ Read More ]

Screen Space Ambient Occlusion (SSAO) represents that class of algorithms, which compute occlusion in image space (screen space). In contrast to object space, screen space is the coordinate system given  [ Read More ]

The following techniques compute AO in object space. This space comprises all coordinate systems among the rendering pipeline defined before stage of projection: local model coordinate system, world coordinate system,  [ Read More ]

This article is intended to cover the basic idea and definition of Ambient Occlusion. What is Ambient Occlusion – Definition Ambient Occlusion (AO) is a global illumination effect regarding the  [ Read More ]