OpenGL: Lighting

Für den Aufbau eines individuellen Beleuchtungssetup eines Szenario in OpenGL gilt es einige Fallstricke zu beachten: 1. Positionierung per Frame Lichtquellen, die sicht NICHT mit der Kamera mitbewegen sollen, müssen in jedem Durchlauf der Renderloop positioniert werden. Wird eine Lichtquelle  [ Read More ]

This kind of architecture is fascinating. I love the high arcs, the big windows and the thin counterforts. I created this model about 14 years ago in 3ds Max.      

Multi Pass Rendering

Complex calculations often require more than one single rendering process. Therefore the rendering pipeline is passed multiple times. This is usually done in a serial order, where every render pass works on specific input data. Filter- and post processing operations  [ Read More ]

Offscreen Rendering represents a rendering process which ignores the standard visible frame buffer and stores rendered data in an alternative buffer not being displayed after rendering. This buffer is called the render target. The case of using a texture as  [ Read More ]

Full Screen Quad

Some graphical operations require computations to be done on every pixel on the image plane. Any post processing steps and image filter operations in particular are typical examples. Therefor a rendering step is necessary that does not consider specific geometry  [ Read More ]