Time for Work

Time for Work is an G Suite add-on for google sheets. What does it do for you?


This add-on helps you to keep control of your working time. It lets you insert start/stop time intervals into a preformatted table. You further have the benefit to get your salary calculated automatically based on the time of work you have done. Therefore you set your hourly rate in the respective column of the table. In order to support different regions or different clients you are working for you can choose your needed currency for every time tracking row individually.

Data Protection FAQ:

Does the add-on collect or store any user data?

As Time for Work is an add-on for google sheets it has access to the current spreadsheet. It expects a certain sheet layout to work properly. It gives the user the possibility to create a new timesheet using the user interface in the sidebar. It only works on sheets that have been created using this functionality and will never process the content in any of your other sheets. It locally maintains a list of these sheets in the document properties using the respective PropertiesService provided by google.

Time for Work has access to your explicit timesheets. But it does not process or analyze the contained data. The user may add a new row to track his work time on a specific date. Therefore the add-on writes some preformatted content to the sheet: current date, salary with chosen currency, a formula to calculate the fee and a formula to sum up time intervals. The currency is taken from the user interface dropdown. Time for Work stores the currency selected by the user in the local document properties. Thus this data is never leaving the G Suite application and the individual currency can be preselected when the sheet is opened once again.
The formulas written into the timesheet calculate derived data (e.g. overall working time) locally within the respective sheet. Thus there is no external services needed to sent the data to.

In conclusion Time for Work stores specific document related data locally in the document properties but as no third party services are needed for further processing this data actually never leaves the local spreadsheet.
Note that document properties are stored without explicit use of persistent identifiers like the users Google ID as they belong to the respective document.

Does the add-on track users?

No, Time for Work neither tracks users itself nor does it use any third party service to analyze user behaviour. The purpose of publishing Time for Work was to provide a simple tool to automate some common daily tasks. It is not our interest to analyse data of user behaviour in anyway

Does the add-on share user related information?

No, Time for Work does not use any kind of server or third party service to send data to. All the processing is doing locally within G Suite. Everything happens within your spreadsheet.

Why does the extension need access to your google drive spreadsheets?

Time for Work will create new sheets for you to be used for working time tracking. It assists you in creating preformatted data rows in the table by considering the parameters you entered in the UI. It writes formulas into your sheet to calculate derived data for you. That is all.