Wenn ich mit Vektoren arbeite und diese voneinander subtrahiere stellt sich mir immer wieder die Frage: In welcher Reihenfolge muss ich zwei Vektoren subtrahieren, so dass der Ergebnisvektor in die gewünschte Richtung zeigt? Es geht also um die geometrische Interpretation  [ Read More ]

Recently I came across the problem of rotating an object in 3d realtime application around its local axis. To give the answer instantly: It is done like rotation around world axis but in reverse order of rotations. Usually you will  [ Read More ]

A vector and its basis

A vector in mathematics is just a tuple of numbers. When you first come in contact with vectors maybe in school you usually deal with tuples of two numbers like or with three numbers like . So far so good. You  [ Read More ]

When you deal with 3d computer graphics you become familiar with rotation matrices and how to use them in order to rotate points in space. I want to give a short straight forward summary of rotation matrices regarding vector basis  [ Read More ]